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The story behind the Costa do Sal Lounge Hotel..

The Costa do Sal Lounge Hotel is a hotel ship built in 1906. It began transporting people in France (Petite Prince) and later in Holland (Smaragd). In 1996 it came to Portugal and acquired the name Invicta, which means "Person who has never been defeated" and is the name given to the city of Porto.
In 1998 it was acquired by Douro Azul and took part in the World Expo (Expo 98) as a hotel. Later it made a stopover on the River Douro. After extensive restoration work and an interior redesign project, the Costa do Sal was reborn in 2021 with a new look but with the same splendour and refinement it had in the past.

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The 33 cabins have a private bathroom with shower, hairdryer, ventilation system and television. The cabin areas are variable, bearing in mind the structure of the vessel, which is 68 metres long.

The common areas

Upper Deck
With a 360º view over the Costa Nova and the Ria de Aveiro, here you can enjoy anything from a meal to a cocktail to celebrate the end of another day while enjoying the sunset.
A service of excellence that takes you on a journey through the various flavours of the region in the unique setting of the Costa Nova and its Ria.
Indoor Bar
The ideal space, protected from the elements, to spend your afternoon
The entire ship has internet access via Wi-Fi.

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